2023-Case-Study-Page-03How a natural gas utility* used BlastPoint's Customer Balance Risk Zones to generate a 47% payment in full rate from delinquent accounts with a single campaign!

BlastPoint's partner utilized our Customer Balance Risk Zones to target 4,000 customers our algorithms identified as newly delinquent. With the results of our risk analysis, the company's customer care team easily identified customers who had recently fallen behind on payments due to the current crisis, and whose accounts were in danger of entering the Yellow Risk Zone - which would make it less likely for them to pay in full. BlastPoint's algorithms helped the team identify the best channels and messaging for targeted outreach to this group.

Using a combination of cold calls and email outreach, the company saw truly impressive results from this campaign: 47% of the customers they reached followed through promptly by paying their balances in full! Thanks to targeted engagement made possible by BlastPoint, the company acted fast to avoid lost revenue from unpaid bills and write-offs during an unprecedented global crisis.

*The company wishes to remain anonymous for regulatory purposes.