WEBINAR: Utilizing Machine Learning for
Outage Prediction

BlastPoint's outage prediction model more than doubled DTE's accuracy rate!

About the Webinar

Similar to many US cities, Detroit had been relentlessly battered by a series of storms - including one of the most devastating storms the region had witnessed in half a century.

One critical aspect of DTE's operations that's been significantly affected is CSAT - particularly the customer experience during outages and DTE's response to such situations.

The utility, which serves more than 2.3 million customers in the southeast region of Michigan, approached BlastPoint with the challenge of enabling their team to engage customers effectively during storm events while accurately predicting outage estimations.

By harnessing the power of data science and machine learning, BlastPoint is helping DTE revolutionize outage estimations and communication practices. Taking only a few short months, BlastPoint's model has improved DTE's model accuracy rate by 8 hours!

If you have questions about Outage Prediction Models and how they can shape ETR communication in your area, email info@blastpoint.com and our Solutions Experts will get in touch. 

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