A large, Mid-Atlantic natural gas company* achieved a 20% CAP sign-up rate from just one email!

BlastPoint's partner utilized our billpay personas to target 6,000 customers our algorithms had identified as a good fit for CAP. With these specific households' contact information and channel preferences in hand, the company decided on email as the best method of outreach. As a first step, their customer support team sent a single email to these customers, informing them about the benefits of CAP and asking them to enroll.

As an immediate result,1,200 of customers who had received the email enrolled in CAP, which will ensure they get the help they need to stay on top of their payments during a crisis. That's a 20% response rate! Meanwhile, the company cut down on the labor needed to create and execute a complicated outreach campaign AND avoided lost revenue from unpaid bills and write-offs.

*The company wishes to remain anonymous for regulatory purposes.