Enhanced Utility Customer Analytics

Empower Your Utility with Data-Driven Intelligence

Uncover deeper insights into your customer base, streamline operations, and personalize customer experiences with BlastPoint.

Customer Intelligence Platform

Advanced Intelligence for Customer Engagement

Customer Intelligene Platform

Our platform offers AI-driven customer intelligence tailored for utilities. By analyzing customer data, we help utilities target marketing efforts and personalize services, boosting engagement and retention.

Join us in revolutionizing utilities strategies for impactful results.


A one-stop solution for making customer data actionable:

Easy-to-use and intuitive

Utilize data to target customers effectively while ensuring privacy & security

Results-driven technology keeps business goals top-of-mind

Increase in EV time-of-use rate program

Increase in EV Time-Of-Use Rate Program Enrollment

Target "green" customers effectively by leveraging BlastPoint's data-driven insights to identify those most likely to own or be interested in owning EVs, and tailor messaging to resonate with them. 


Payment-In-Full Response After a Single Campaign

Leverage customer payment data analysis to uncover valuable insights about target segments, empowering teams to create tailored messaging and pinpoint the most efficient channels for engagement.

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Reduction in Operating Costs Within 3 Months of Implementation

Harness BlastPoint's data-driven customer insights to understand the key motivations that drive customers to convert to paperless. Target exclusively those with the highest propensity and maximize conversion rates.

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Helping the energy sector address challenges with AI-powered customer intelligence

Unlock the full potential of your utility with the BlastPoint Customer Intelligence Platform, providing essential tools to comprehend, retain, nurture, and expand your customer base effectively.

Paperless Program Adoption

Our data-driven customer profiles pinpoint consumer decision habits and identify those likely to convert to paperless programs. This shift saves utility companies millions and accelerates environmental goals.

Energy Efficiency Program & Product Adoption

Harness AI to pinpoint ideal customers for energy audits, weatherization, C&I lighting, and appliance upgrades. Use BlastPoint to target them effectively, boost revenues, and meet regulatory benchmarks.

Electric Vehicles Strategy and Adoption

Future-proof your infrastructure for EVs with AI. We assist utility providers in identifying optimal charging station partners, targeting likely EV adopters among residential and commercial customers, and engaging potential fleets for EV conversion.

Billing & Collections Optimization

Prevent billing defaults with our predictive models. Identify energy-insecure customers and reach them effectively to assist. Increase enrollment in budget billing or energy assistance programs and identify customers likely to pay in full. Save money and ensure customer support proactively.

Customer Assistance Programs

Our research reveals that many eligible customers are not enrolled in Assistance Programs, leading to late payments and shut-offs. Use customer intelligence to save money, prevent fraud, and assist those in need by identifying eligible customers who are not yet enrolled in assistance programs.

Customer Balance Risk Zones

BlastPoint's AI technology identifies critical balance amounts that predict customer payment behavior. Use this insight to launch proactive, targeted engagement campaigns and prevent revenue loss.

Target the right customers, at the right time, using just the right channels and messaging


Companies are using BlastPoint's customer intelligence to meet their business objectives quickly. BlastPoint has helped our partners achieve up to 650% higher engagement with digital campaigns, an over 60% boost in newly identified potential customers for acquisition, a 47% payment-in-full response from delinquent customers, and much more.

Case Studies

61% More Potential New
Customers Identified

BlastPoint Platform's interactive mapping feature, they were able to score and filter relevant datasets and build target lead lists. As a result, they were able to increase their lead  generation outcomes by more than 60%.

potential new customer identified
220K Potential EV Charging
Partners Identified

 BlastPoint's technology created commercial personas representing ATCO's most likely EV infrastructure partners & adopters. In total, BlastPoint found 220K potential partners for targeted outreach.

220K potential EV charging partners identified
300% Increase in Customer Assistance Program enrollments in 6 Months

Low-to-Moderate Income Customers BlastPoint's segmentation tools allow utility business teams to reach their hardest-to-reach customers.

Low-to-Moderate Income Customers