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Empower Your Credit Union with Data-Driven Intelligence

Uncover deeper insights into your member base, streamline operations, and personalize member experiences with BlastPoint.

Customer Intelligence Platform

Advanced Intelligence for Member Engagement

Credit union member data analysis

Our platform offers AI-driven customer intelligence tailored for credit unions. By analyzing member data, we help credit unions target marketing efforts and personalize services, boosting engagement and retention.

Join us in revolutionizing credit union strategies for impactful results.


A one-stop solution for making member data actionable:

Easy-to-use and intuitive

Utilize data to target members effectively while ensuring privacy & security

Results-driven technology keeps business goals top-of-mind

Customer Intelligence for Credit Union

New CD deposits in less than 60 days

With BlastPoint's Portable Model Service, our Partner harnessed predictive analytics to identify members with the highest propensity to enroll in CD programs. 

Member analytics for credit unions

Increase to product enrollment

Objective-driven segmentation lets you identify and engage eligible members who are the best fit for products and reach them with the right information through the right channels at the right time.

Credit union member data analysis

Boost to engagement with hard-to-reach segments

Understand your members at the household level and target them with products & programs that meet them where they are so you can invest or intervene before churn occurs.

Increase Efficiency, Unlock Revenue, and Elevate Member Satisfaction

Unlock the full potential of your credit union with the BlastPoint Customer Intelligence Platform, providing essential tools to comprehend, retain, nurture, and expand your member base effectively.

Credit union member retention strategies
Improve Member Retention

Use AI-powered segmentation to understand member priorities, motivations, and values, ensuring timely and relevant products and services for lifelong retention.

Gain a deeper understanding of your member base_CU
Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Member Base

Know your members' journey. Adapt to their evolving needs. Offer timely products, fostering lasting relationships and account growth.

Engage difficult-to-reach memebers
Engage Difficult-to-Reach Members

Spot dissatisfaction and prevent churn. Reach out through preferred channels. Boost engagement and satisfaction, driving product adoption and member retention.

become members' primary financial institution
Become Members’ Primary Financial Institution

Offer tailored products to become their top choice. Drive more deposits and loans with increased member activity.

Maximize Members’ Portfolios
Maximize Members’ Portfolios

Maximize member value with personalized, emotional experiences across channels as assets grow.

Increase Member Acquisition
Increase Member Acquisition

Attract new members with resonant branding and AI-optimized channels for maximum impact. 

Superpower Your Underwriting
Superpower Your Underwriting

Swiftly assess risk with AI-driven scoring to offer tailored loans aligned with community values.

Strengthen Benchmarking
Strengthen Benchmarking

Effortlessly set benchmarks, track KPIs, and optimize with BlastPoint. Report progress and drive decisions effectively.

Provide personalized banking experiences and keep members for life


Companies are using BlastPoint's customer intelligence to meet their business objectives quickly. BlastPoint has helped our partners achieve up to 650% higher engagement with digital campaigns, an over 60% boost in newly identified potential customers for acquisition, a 47% payment-in-full response from delinquent customers, and much more.

Case Study

BlastPoint helps companies get results and achieve goals.

66% More Qualified Leads for Member Acquisition

Start making your member data work for you. From identifying new members for acquisition or growing programs, see the results of some of our partners and unlock the potential of your data today.

Grow Member Products_CU
Over $40M New CD deposits in less than 60 days

A 60k+ member credit union in the Northern Rockies boosts CD Deposits with BlastPoint's AI-Powered Campaigns.

CU Grow Member Deposits with AI Insights
Data Onboarding Made Easy

Your internal data doesn't need to be in pristine condition to be useful. We've developed processes and technology to accelerate your industry's data onboarding needs.

Data Onboarding infographic
We're here to support IT & analytics teams

BlastPoint works alongside our customers' internal IT departments to enhance the way data can be used throughout the organization.

Working with IT Team Infographic
Boost Financial Accessibility for Low Income Members with AI-Driven Engagement Strategies

Credit unions and CDFIs face hurdles serving low to moderate income members, yet data-driven strategies and AI tools have boosted product adoption by 2.8x for our clients.

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